Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Lunches

The academy operates a healthy eating policy. At lunchtime we encourage students to have an academy meal. These are cooked on site and are nutritionally balanced and always offer a choice. Alternatively student may bring a packed lunch. Please note that students are not allowed to bring sweets into the academy at any time in line with the healthy eating policy.

Packed lunches

Please provide your child with healthy options and a balanced selection of food, e.g. fruits and vegetables, juice and water. Sweets, crisps, drinks are not permitted in packed lunches. Water is available for all children.

School Dinner Menu

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We are an Allergies Aware Academy

We want to make sure our pupils with allergies feel safe at our academy. We are asking everyone in our academy community to do their bit to become allergen aware.

At our academy we have pupils with a range of allergies including:

· Nuts

These pupils are at risk of serious harm if they have an allergic reaction, so we ask that everyone does what they can to help us keep them safe.

How can you help?

Due to the severities of the allergies in some of our children we DO NOT allow any nut products in the Academy to reduce the chances of someone experiencing a reaction – please respect this request.

We also ask that, if your child consumes any nut-based product before school, they wash their hands thoroughly before entering the school grounds. We understand that this measure may seem extreme; however, we want to ensure the health and safety of all our pupils, and some of the pupils with the allergy are severe enough that even the slightest of contact with nuts could cause a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction.

Also it is important to note that some body lotions/creams contain nut oils and therefore we ask that you consider using alternatives to avoid potential reactions in school.

We appreciate your support in helping us to protect all children from the risk of an allergic reaction.

Below is a common list of nut related foods which have been brought into the academy in lunchboxes in the past.

  • Hazelnut pancakes/croissants 
  • Nut based chocolate bars
  • Peanuts
  • Nutella spreads

Whilst the above list is not extensive, we do ask that you check packaging carefully to ensure we minimise the risk for our young people. We appreciate this is an additional thing to do, but we know you recognise the importance of this.